Too Cute: Rabbit Hoodie

Rabbit Hoodie for Kids

If my husband was OK with me building an entire wardrobe of clothing for my son featuring animal ears, I would probably do so. I think things like hoodies with bear ears are pretty much the cutest thing ever.

As such, I am in love with this Oeuf Rabbit Hoodie that I found at Sprout San Francisco. This hoodie is far from affordable at $180 (!), but what it lacks for in affordability it definitely makes up for in cuteness!

This hoodie is reversible, with one side featuring a fun rabbit pattern and the other a plain color. The sweaters are made from 100% baby alpaca.

While I probably wouldn’t purchase this in my son’s current size, I might get it a bit bigger so that he could (hopefully) wear it for a bit longer than usual.

Click here to check out the Oeur Rabbit Hoodie

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