The Best Boot to Wear When You’re Pregnant

UGG Mini Bailey Button Boot

My pregnancy was mostly during the fall and winter last year, which I loved. Well, OK, I didn’t love anything about being pregnant but I preferred being pregnant when it was cold outside because my little belly heater, as I affectionately referred to my son, kept me toasty at all times. While a lot of women with pregnancies during the summer spend their days in flip flops if they’re dealing with swollen feet and ankles, women with winter pregnancies don’t have that option. If I was at home I was in a pair of my husband’s giant slippers, but when I was out and about you would always find me wearing my best pregnancy purchase, my UGG Mini Bailey Button Boot.

This boot is the bomb dot com (dork alert) and I would say it’s the best boot to wear when you are pregnant. The key to this particular boot as opposed to any other UGG boot is the button on the side. I find that “regular” UGGs can be tough to get into because until you work in the leg opening you have to do a little bit of acrobatics to get your leg down in the boot. The button eliminates that issue, which makes these boots perfect for pregnant women. Open up the button, put your foot in and button them back up. Or don’t button them if your legs/ankles are too swollen. I promise your feet will still stay inside!

I wore these boots the entirety of last fall and winter and the shearling inside kept them so warm that I didn’t even wear socks. I couldn’t see my feet, so eliminating one more frustrating step in the long process it took to get outside was nice. My feet were swollen most of my pregnancy but these boots covered that up and more or less made it a non-issue.

The UGG Australia Mini Bailey Button Boot is $134.95 at Nordstrom and it is available in a variety of different colors.

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