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Step2 McLaren 570S Push Sports Car Review

Top Toys for Christmas 2017: Step2 McLaren 570S Push Sports Car

Top Toys for Christmas 2017




Ride-on toys like the Step2 McLaren 570S are popular among toddlers as they are so much fun and they’re also perfect for sensory skill development. This toy comes with a bar handle that parents can hold and push while strolling with your little one. The design is very much like the real deal with high-quality materials and great style.


Assembling the Step2 McLaren 570S

Be prepared to assemble it using tools like a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, wrench, and a ratchet set. It is important to prepare all of the materials first and go over the instructions several times before building it, so you’ll be able to set it up correctly. Thankfully, the instructions are easy to follow and you will have this up and running in no time.

The wheels and axels are a little tricky to put together, but you will certainly manage. Make sure to align the wheels properly before putting the hubcap in place, since it can be difficult to remove if you want to fix the assembly. Building the toy will take at least 30 minutes for an inexperienced person to complete.


The Step2 McLaren comes with a bottle holder for the little one and a cup holder for the parent. It rides smoothly on grass and any other terrain, so no need to worry about getting stuck and a bumpy ride for the tot.

The cockpit has ample room and a secret compartment under the seat for your child’s things to hide during the ride. The ride-on toy comes in a bright orange color and has a nice realistic revving sound that kids will love! It requires two triple-A batteries if you plan to use the honking feature, but kids will enjoy riding in this car even without the sound.



This ride-on toy features a sturdy seatbelt that snaps around children’s waists, which will help keep them safe and also ensure they don’t attempt to stand up mid-ride.



Storing the sports car is easy. The detachable handle lets you keep it in a relatively small area.



If you’re looking for a push car to keep your toddler occupied during your strolls around the neighborhood, then consider getting the Step2 McLaren 570S Push Sports Car Ride-on toy. It takes some effort and skills to put together, but the result is worth it. Kids will love riding in this car!

The Step2 McLaren 570S Push Sports Car is one of the top toys for Christmas 2017 and is one of Amazon’s Top 100 Toys of 2017.

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