Spotted on Etsy: Personalized Baby Blankets

Depending on the parents, a personalized baby blanket may make an absolutely adorable baby shower gift.

The type of parents this would be best for? Those that know the sex of the baby and those that have announced the baby’s name.

Assuming the parents have done both of those things, a personalized baby blanket would make a great gift because not only will it keep baby warm, but it would make an awesome photo accessory. And let’s be honest: New parents love cute photo accessories!

Personalized Baby Blanket

Imagine introducing baby to the world (via Facebook, of course!) wrapped in this Personalized Baby Blanket ($48)! No text on the post would even be necessary since this blanket includes first and middle name, as well as baby’s monogram.

Hand Stamped Muslin Wrap Blanket

A more affordable – but no less cute – option is this Hand Stamped Cotton Muslin Blanket ($18), which is available in many different styles.

Personalized Baby Quilt

We are so lucky because my husband’s aunt makes quilts and made an absolutely adorable one for our son. If you (or someone you know) lacks those skills, however, Easy is a great place to turn! The Quirky Quiltr has some adorable personalized baby quilts, including this Personalized Hot Air Balloon Quilt ($159).

Having recently had a baby myself and having received many blankets, I wouldn’t advocate for giving the parents-to-be any baby blanket, but a personalized baby blanket? Absolutely! The personalized baby blankets that we have are our absolute favorites and all the more special to us because they have our son’s name on them… and there’s no denying that his name makes the blankets look that much better in photos!

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