Spotted on Etsy: Half Birthday Onesies for Babies

Amazingly enough, my baby is celebrating his half birthday today! And by “celebrating” I mean that I’m going to take his picture and give him some mango, which seems to be his favorite thing in the whole wide world. We gave mango to him for the first time the other night and he screamed bloody murder when it was all gone. Considering he’s normally the chillest little boy in the world, the screaming came as a bit of a surprise!

If I’d been planning things better, I would have looked at Etsy prior to this morning and picked up something adorable for him to wear to celebrate his half birthday. I’m a slacker mom though, so he won’t be enjoying any half birthday onesies today… maybe I’ll get my act together by the time he turns one and a half.

Half Birthday Baseball Tee

If I’d planned things better, my son would definitely be wearing this Half Birthday Baseball Tee ($19) today. Luckily, the kid wearing this looks older than 6 months, so I’m pretty sure this will work just as good at 1.5 as it does at .5.

Half Birthday Tutu Dress

How do those of you with daughters manage to not buy ALL the sparkles? I mean, this Half Birthday Pink Bodysuit Tutu ($24.95) just makes me so darn happy. If I had a daughter there’s no way she’d only wear this on her half birthday.

Half Birthday Bodysuit

I’m really starting to get upset with myself because my son would look adorable in this Half Birthday Onesie ($15).


I keep my son off of social media for the most part but I can’t help but appreciate a good hashtag tee like this #Half Onesie ($15).

Unbirthday Onesie

I’m starting to feel relief that I didn’t think of getting my son a half birthday onesie because how would i have ever decided on one?! He would have had an entire half birthday wardrobe, including this Happy Unbirthday Tee ($18).

Personalized Half Birthday Onesie

This Personalized Half Birthday Onesie ($19.99) is available in a few different color options and you can add your baby’s name to the back!



Custom Half Birthday Onesie

OK, seriously?! This Custom Half Birthday Onesie ($45), complete with bow tie and suspenders, is just too much.

Half Birthday Babe Onesie

I wrote about baby princess crowns a few months ago and pairing one with a half birthday onesie like this Half Birthday Babe Onesie ($24) is a great way to get multiple uses out of it!

Half Birthday Onesie with Ruffles

I love the ruffles sticking out of the bottom of this Half Birthday Onesie ($28). No pants necessary!

Half Birthday Boy Onesie

Finally, the gold sparkles aren’t just for girls as this Half Birthday Boy Onesie ($15) demonstrates.


Do Tell: Did you pick up any half birthday onesies for your little one?

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