Shark Tank Successes: The Beebo

Shark Tank is one of my absolute favorite TV shows, and this season I thought I would share the Shark Tank Successes both here and onĀ While many of the companies featured on Shark Tank go on to become huge, they all start small and honestly I just love supporting entrepreneurs following their dreams.
The Beebo: Hands-free feeding for babies

One of the items that earned a deal with Laurie and Ashton Kutcher on last week’s episode is The Beebo. I’ve actually been familiar with The Beebo for awhile because The Baby Guy featured it on Facebook sometime over the summer.

The Beebo

The Beebo allows you to bottle feed a baby in a hands-free manner. This can be helpful if you want to read to a baby while feeding them, or perhaps if you have another child to take care of while feeding a little one. I’ve heard of quite a few babies who only want to feed (including taking a bottle) from the area around mom’s chest, so The Beebo may allow dads and other caregivers to get more involved in the feeding process.

The Beebo costs $39.95, but you can currently save 10% with code “SHARKTANK,” which brings the price down to $35.95. It’s currently available in orange and yellow. Unfortunately the cute aqua color is currently sold out.

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