Rent Unlimited LEGO Sets at Pley!

We have a rule in my house, no more toys! If the twins do get toys, then we need to get rid of something to make room for the new one. I never knew that toddlers required so much stuff! 🙂 With that being said, I love this idea from Pley! You can rent unlimited Lego sets.


No hassle, no extra “stuff” laying around. Just return them when you’re done. LOVE!

rent lego sets from pleyAs you can see, your first 30 days is free! Then your plan rolls into the builder plan, for just $19 a month. Not too shabby I think if you have a child that is actively into Lego’s and building things. Plus, it includes unlimited exchanges, so the possibilities for building are endless!

I know my twins are way too young, but this Millennium Falcon set will definitely be a must for us to build one day!

PleyIf I can’t take the twins to Paris, I can bring Paris to them.

PleyWould you rent Lego sets from Pley? If so, get your free trial now for 30 days!


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