My Favorite Valentine’s Day Onesies

My twins have onesies for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, so it’s only fitting that they have one for Valentine’s Day, too! Babies have the cutest clothes! I’m a sucker for it all. 🙂

Thankfully I have what seems like a bazillion choices from Target! How great are these?! I can get them all, right?!


If you can, check out the socks. Be still my heart!! Considering my son is the biggest flirt, these are a must. They are sold out online, but check your local store. I’m hoping mine has them, as I NEED them. Yes it’s that serious. And the shoes. Swoon. I think my kids have more shoes than I do. I may have a slight problem….

My daughter is a total daddy’s girl. This coverall set is husband approved. I just hope she remembers this when she’s a teenager. 😉



If she get one, he gets one. Since he’s mommy’s little gentleman, this mustache set is only fitting. Adorable.


I’m sure you are all well aware of my obsession with mustaches by now. This is a must have. My son even has a mustache binky. I’m totally not kidding.

What is your little one wearing on Valentine’s Day?

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