Hot Mama: Swimsuits for Post Baby Body

post baby body swimsuits

L*Space Sun Seeker One Piece Swimsuit // Twist Front Tankini // Harvest Cut Out Printed Swimsuit // Seafolly Swimsuit

We haven’t had a vacation since the twins have been born, but we plan on going to the beach the week of July 4th. I had a moment of panic the other day realizing that my old swimsuits no longer fit. If you’ve had a baby, you realize things change. They shift. They grow. What once worked, doesn’t always. So I went on a hunt to find swimsuits that wouldn’t make it look like I was hiding my post baby belly, but that would at the same time. Does that make sense? I didn’t want frump, but I’m not totally comfortable running after my one year olds in a bikini either.

Each of the swimsuits, above, are unique in their own way. They highlight and hide the perfect amount. The second one (the tankini) is a nursing swimsuit! It’s in my cart as we speak! I also really like the cutout one, as it will cover my tummy, but flaunt the skinny parts.

Just because you had a baby doesn’t mean you have to hide! 🙂

Have you found the perfect swimsuit for your post baby body? I’d love to hear what you chose!

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