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Green Toys Ferry Boat Review

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What toy comes with its own set of cars and floats in water? The Green Toys Ferry Boat, of course!

The Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a fun and durable bath toy that your child is going to love playing with for years to come. In fact, this toy made it onto our list of the Best Bath Toys for Toddlers!

The set comes with a big ferry boat and two small cars that fit inside the carrier boat. Each piece included in this assortment of bath toys comes apart and dry easily, so there’s no need to worry about mold and dirt festering inside. This toy set is also BPA-free, and only high-quality recycled plastic materials were used to create it. Another bonus? The Green Toys Ferry Boat is dishwasher safe, so it is easy to clean when the need arises!

Top Toys for Christmas 2017: Green Toys Ferry Boat

The boat is steady in the water because of the pontoon-like bottom, so it won’t flip over while kids drive it around the tub. If the boat gets waterlogged, then you can simply flip it over to drain the water, and it’ll float excellently again. The cars themselves do not float, but kids will enjoy searching for them in the bath water when they roll down the car slide.

Young kids will be able to carry this toy around without much trouble because, despite its size, it’s surprisingly lightweight.

Other Green Toys models and vehicles will be perfect matches for this ferry boat. For instance, the Rescue Boat with Helicopter or Submarine would go perfectly with this bath boat. There are also Green Toy Figures that could be taken in the bath.

There are no special instructions for enjoying the Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy. Plop it in the tub with your kids, though, and they’re sure to know what to do! They will love playing with this ferry boat and cars, and you will love that they’re playing with an earth-friendly toy that won’t is BPA-free and won’t develop mold over time.

The Green Toys Ferry Boat is one of the top toys for Christmas 2017 and is one of Amazon’s Top 100 Toys of 2017.

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