Get the “Ultimate Baby Book” from Mama Miss for Just $6

The Ultimate Baby Book

So, I have a baby book for my son. Thus far I have looked at it only a handful of times. I’m the absolute worst with things like that! The biggest shame is not that I’m not filling out the book, but that I spent so much money purchasing a nice book that I’m more or less neglecting.

I wish that I’d instead purchased the “Ultimate Baby Book” from Mama Miss, which is currently available for just $6.

Now this baby book comes in a PDF format that you’ll have to print at home. Depending on your printer you might even want to spend a few bucks more and have it professionally printed. Regardless, $6 + possible printing fees is an excellent price for a 36 page baby book!

Here’s what’s included in the PDF:

  • (12 pages) months one through twelve – stats & milestones
  • (12 pages) months one through twelve – picture frame
  • (4 pages) months one through twelve – patches
  • (1 page) introducing
  • (4 pages) months one through twelve – patches
  • (1 page) when we first found out
  • (1 page) when I arrived
  • (1 page) all about my daddy
  • (1 page) all about my mommy
  • (1 page) the world all around me
  • (1 page) the price of things
  • cover sheet

If you take it to be printed you might also want to have it bound… or you can grab your three-hole punch and put it all in a binder. Your choice!

The design of this baby book looks super cute and you really can’t beat the price! Of course, you have to do a little bit of work to get it all together, but maybe that will just motivate you to continue updating it. I know I need a jolt of inspiration about now!

Click here to grab the Ultimate Baby Book for $6!

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