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FurReal Roarin’ Tyler Review

top toys for Christmas 2017: FurReal Roarin' Tyler

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Look out, little tiger fans! Here comes Tyler!

Tyler is an interactive tiger that children will enjoy having as a pet. He is surprisingly lifelike! He moves his tail, mouth, head, eyes, and ears. He poses playfully and leans down. Tyler acts so much like a real cat that you might forget that he is mechanical!

Tyler roars! But that is not even the best part about Tyler. He doesn’t just roar; if you roar at him he will roar back! He reacts when you pet him, and he will respond to the sound of your voice, like a real cat who wants to play. He comes with his own duck toy, and he will make a sound when it gets placed in his mouth.

Tyler is very life-like. He is as large as a house cat and he moves. His beautiful, fluttering blue eyes and his cooing will certainly convince imaginative children that he is real. Other household pets might even become convinced that he is real! Young kids may be a bit intimidated with him at first, especially very young children, but they will quickly get over their fears and be intrigued by his cuteness and playful nature.

Tyler is very friendly. In children’s minds, Tyler is a breathing and leaving toy that responds to their play, pets, and laughter. The sound of the levers and gears can be heard, but they are hardly noticeable and won’t detract from the fun that Tyler brings to any room. Kids will soon forget that he is an animatronic animal. His movements look so authentic and smooth; I promise that you will all stop thinking of him as a toy in no time at all.

Tyler is very sweet, and his personality, movements, and sounds are very child-friendly. He is always just loving and playful. He never becomes aggressive or intimidating to scare kids. When your children play with Tyler, you’ll feel like you’re watching them play with a real cat, without the danger of getting scratched or bitten. Also, Tyler won’t run off to hide every few minutes!

Tyler responds. All of Tyler’s movements move in unison, giving the illusion that he is really responding to his playmate. All the little movements of this body, ears, tail, front legs, jaw, eyeballs, and eyelids will ignite children’s imaginations. He responds to sound and petting in many areas of his body, including his head and nose. But if you really want him to move, then all you need to do is push the button under the fur on his back.

You can take Tyler anywhere. He is heavy enough that it feels like you are carrying a real animal when you pick him up. He is also very soft. This tiger’s fur is high-quality and great to the touch. He has no sharp objects and children do not need to avoid certain areas of his body. He is very study and he will last for a long time.

Tyler does not make too much noise when no one is playing with him. But he does pick up sounds and will respond to any noise, so it might not be wise to let the children sleep with him. He also has the tendency to roar and purr, wanting to play when he senses someone is nearby. You can turn him off if needed. Just find the switch under the fur on his belly to prevent him from waking anyone in the middle of the night.

When no one is around to play with Tyler, he will go into sleep mode. And once he sleeps, the only way to wake him up is the button on his back.

Tyler costs a bit more than some of the other toys that are popular this holiday season, but he is well worth the investment. Kids will love playing with this interactive tiger and there are many parents that are going to love getting their family a fairly lifelike pet, but without all of the mess that typically accompanies them!

FurReal Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger is one of the top toys for Christmas 2017 and is one of Amazon’s Top 100 Toys of 2017.

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