Building Your Baby’s Library: My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss

My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss

I had two baby showers before my son was born and one of those was a “book” shower, meaning that all of the guests brought a book with them that would help build my son’s library. We received quite a few Dr. Seuss books, which thrilled me because I recall them being some of my favorites when I was a kid.

The thing I re-learned about most Dr. Seuss books, however, is that they can be really, really long! I was really excited to read The Cat in the Hat to my son until I realized that it is a whopping 61 pages long. Even if there aren’t many words on each page, 61 pages is way too many for a six-month-old!

I thought we would have to skip Dr. Seuss for awhile until I pulled My Many Colored Days off the shelf.

My Many Colored Days is a bit different than other Dr. Seuss stories as it is missing the rhymes and whimsical illustrations of the classic books. In fact, while this story was written by Dr. Seuss in 1973, it didn’t come to life until 1996. According to the Amazon description, “(Dr. Seuss) specified that the book should be illustrated by “a great color artist who will not be dominated by me.” Twenty-three years later, he has gotten his wish. Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher have produced a series of rich, painterly images that could never be mistaken for faux-Seuss.”

The story of My Many Colored Days is fairly simple, as it assigns feelings to colors. Some days you may feel green, while others you may feel purple or gray. On many days you may feel all of those colors. The story isn’t complex by any means, but I think it provides an easy way for little ones to begin conceptualizing feelings and realizing that their moods will change (and their interests along with their moods) and all of those moods are what make up a person.

The illustrations are so gorgeous in this book that I highly recommend picking up the hard cover version of the book (as opposed to a digital copy).

You can get My Many Colored Days as a board book for $7.99 at Amazon.

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