Building Your Baby’s Library: Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo I believe I have mentioned before that even if I am reading board books to my son that I prefer a story, as opposed to books that are teaching the baby words. I know it’s not all about me, but I like getting into the story and speaking in funny voices and engaging with my son and I generally need a story to do that.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell has a great story and something that little kids will like even more: flaps with animals hiding behind them!

I read a story or two to my son every morning and he generally sits still and listens, but he’s getting to an age where everything around him fascinates him so I don’t have much time to keep his attention. The flaps keep him entertained and – spoiler alert – he smiles at the end of the book when we find the puppy behind the flap. I assume he smiles because we have two puppies. It’s either that or he thinks that’s the cutest illustration.

Dear Zoo has a cute story and flaps that will keep little ones entertained so this book gets an A+ in my book!

You can grab the Dear Zoo board book for $4.05 at Amazon!

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