Baby Sunscreen Wipes by MD Moms Makes Applying Sunscreen a Cinch on Little Ones

Baby Sunscreen Wipes by MD Moms

We went to Florida a couple of weeks ago and I purchased a couple of different sunscreens for my son. He had just turned 3 months at the time, so I wasn’t sure what would work best on his skin and be easy to apply on his squirmy limbs. I’m in a Chicago-based-moms Facebook group where this exact issue came up and many moms recommended Baby Sunscreen Wipes by MD Moms so it was one of the options I purchased. It should have been the only one.

Perks to this sunscreen:

  • Developed by Pediatrician-Moms; clinically tested; hypoallergenic; dermatologist approved
  • Contains NO phthalates, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum or waxes
  • Made in USA; no animal testing
  • Winner NAPPA Gold Award; winner Babble’s Best Sunscreen For Kids Award
  • Pure mineral non-chemical sunscreen actives; non-irritating to eyes; broad spectrum protection protects against UVA and UVB rays; water resistant 80 minutes

One more perk that isn’t listed above? The packet is great to throw in your purse, diaper bag, or beach bag without fear of any sort of product spillage!

These baby sunscreen wipes couldn’t be easier to apply. Just take one out of the package and gently rub it all over your child’s body. The sunscreen applies in a light sheen so you will be able to see where it is going on your child. The wipes go a long way but it took about a wipe and a half to cover my son.

As for how it works, my son and I were in the sun the amount of time. I had covered him in this sunscreen (which has SPF 30), and he was also wearing swim trunks and a rash guard. I was so focused on him that I forgot to apply sunscreen to myself. After approximately 45 minutes in the sun he didn’t get any color while I actually got a little bit tan. The sun was definitely strong down in Florida but he didn’t show any signs of being outside at all. Score one for this mom!

The downside to these Baby Sunscreen Wipes by MD Moms is that they’re expensive. There’s no getting around this. 20 wipes will set you back $15.95, which breaks down to almost 80 cents per wipe. Since I used 2 wipes on my son that’s almost $1.60 per application! That said, I definitely think these wipes are worth the price because they work and while my son is so little, the wipes made it really easy to apply sunscreen to his squirmy limbs.

If you can get past the price, I highly recommend these baby sunscreen wipes. They worked great for us and I loved the convenience. I don’t know if I will keep using them once my son is older and more sturdy (thus it should be easier to apply something by hand), but for now I absolutely love them!

You can get Baby Sunscreen Wipes by MD Moms at Amazon for $15.95 and they ship for free with an Amazon Prime membership. One word of warning though: This is a product with frequent price shifts so it may not be the same from day-to-day!

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