5 Easter Board Books for Your Little One’s Easter Basket

There are a plethora of holiday books for babies, but the two holidays that I personally think have the best books available are Christmas and Easter. And I’m not even talking about religious books! For whatever reason it just seems like these two holidays produce some of the cutest children’s stories.

If you’re looking for an Easter book or two to include in your little one’s Easter basket this year, here are some great options that  you’re sure to love reading together:

Llama Llama Easter Egg


I’m not yet familiar with the Llama Llama series, but I see these books everywhere so I assume I will soon become acquainted! Llama Llama Easter Egg ($5.99 at Amazon) was just released on February 5 and is one of the newest board books in the series.

Synopsis: In Llama Llama Easter Egg, the Easter Bunny brings lots of treats for Llama Llama: jelly beans, colorful eggs, and a fluffy surprise!

Hop! Hop!

Leslie Patricelli’s baby board books are a favorite of mine. I can’t really speak yet to how babies feel about them, but as a reader I find them quite hilarious! Hop! Hop! is one of her newest books and it covers things like the Easter bunny and dying eggs.

I Love You Honey Bunny

Babies will love the fuzzy ears protruding from the top of I Love You, Honey Bunny ($5.67 at Amazon)! This book isn’t specifically for Easter, but with the honey bunny theme it will work perfectly on Easter and the rest of the year!


Happy Easter, Mouse!

Happy Easter, Mouse! ($6.29 at Barnes & Noble) is a board book from the writers of the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” series, which just so happens to be one of my favorite kiddie books of all time. In this story, Mouse tries to figure out who is leaving Easter eggs all over his house.

Pat the Bunny

Pat the Bunny ($6.66 at Barnes & Noble) isn’t an Easter book, but I feel like it should be included here! It’s one of the most beloved baby books of all time, partially because it encourages babies to pet the bunny while reading. What better book could there be on Easter for those of us who don’t have pet rabbits at home?

Do Tell: What are some of your favorite Easter books?

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