Steal of the Day: T-Shirts Under $10 And Free Shipping!

I love t-shirts. More than I care to admit, actually. I’m wearing one today, to work, under my cardigan. Don’t tell. Anyway, a t-shirt under $10 is often hard to find, and add free shipping to the mix and you have yourself one heck of a steal! The hardest decision will be which one to choose!

One for you.

T-shirtsAnd one for her!

T-shirtsIs there anything cuter?! I totally just bought me and my daughter a pair. Heck, it won’t be long before she won’t let mommy match her or wear things similar. I have to get it all in now before she grows up!.

Both shirts total $14.95! Considering the price of the mom one is normally more than that, this is a great deal for both! The bad news is the mom shirt is only available in XXL. I plan on getting one and wearing it tied. I have to. I tell my daughter every night that she’s my best friend. She really is. I love that little girl.

You can see more shirts available, besides mommy and me, here!

Act fast because this deal is good only for today.

Click here to grab a t-shirt for under $10! Use the code TEESTEAL at checkout for your discount and free shipping!



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