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Daddy & Me Style: Elf Shirts

I seriously get butterflies when my husband and son match. It’s honestly the cutest thing! And my husband simply loves it. He will ask, “what’s he wearing today?” and try to coordinate. Or, they will sometimes wear their Big Dude, Little Dude shirts. So it’s no surprise that I’m getting them these Daddy & Me Elf shirts! Squeal! I can’t wait!

daddy and meAdorable.

Onesies run from 3 months to 24 months and t-shirts range from 18 months to XXL adults.

Do you love when your husband and son match? Daddy & me styles are so stinking cute!

Click here to grab your elf shirts! Looks like this offer is only valid for two more days.


Daddy & Me Style: Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers


Daddy and Me Style: Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers Adidas Stan Smith Shoes for Men – $75 // Stan Smith Sneakers for Infants – $46

As you all know, I am a sucker for baby shoes. The only thing that might be better? Finding matching daddy and me shoe sets!

The Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker is available in both grown-up and baby sizes, and seriously – could the two pairs of shoes together be any cuter?! If my husband wore this type of sneaker I would be so tempted to pick up a matching pair for him and our baby. As it is, he’s pretty committed to¬†running shoes and only running shoes, so these probably aren’t the best fit.

Still, I think these would be a great option for many men and their littles this spring!

By the way, this Stan Smith style is also available for bigger kids so the entire family can get in on the fun!

Little Boy Style: Littlest Prince Couture

I have no problem finding super cute clothes for my daughter, but sometimes it’s hard to find things for my son. Of course he looks adorable in anything, but I wanted to have just as much fun dressing him as I did with her. That all changed when I discovered Littlest Prince Couture.

Littlest Prince Couture “specializes in fashion for little boys including baby boy dress clothes, zipper ties, t-shirts and onesies, dress shirts and dress shirt onesies, and other clothing and accessories. Not only do we offer fun, customizable fashion for baby boys, but each purchase helps save an infant’s life! 100% of the net profits from each sale is donated to help babies in need around the world.” So, not only are you helping your little man look stylish, but you’re also saving a baby’s life. This makes me want to buy even more! LOVE!

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this tough guy shirt?!

littlest prince coutureAvailable in three colors and a boatload of sizes. I want them all.

lpcLook at these jeans! Squeal!

littlest prince couture

How darling for spring?! We have pictures this Saturday. I wish I had seen these sooner- they’d be perfect!

My son is the spitting image of my husband, and my husband loves to match him. Yes I have twins, but he refers to him as his “twin.” They need these matching shirts.

littlest prince coutureIf you’re interested in the Littlest Prince Couture, then sign up for their email list. You can save 5%! Also, if you join the birthday club then you can get a free tie. Little guys in ties are the cutest!!!!

I can’t get enough of the Littlest Prince Couture. Where do you get your little boy’s clothes?

Daddy & Me Style: Matching Tees

Earlier this week we shared some cute Mommy & Me Tees, and I thought it was only fair to follow up today with some adorable Daddy & Me Matching Tees! Fair’s fair, right?!

Pizza Tees for Dad and Baby

I have to admit that my husband just celebrated a birthday and the set above is what I purchased for him. Pizza is one of his favorite things in the world and I’m fairly certain that’s a love our kid will inherit from him, so this matching set seemed fitting (and like something my husband would actually get a kick out of wearing). The Pizza Tee costs $24.99 and the Pizza Onesie costs $19.99. Both can be purchased from Xenotees on Etsy.

Daddy and Me Cassette and Ipod Shirt Set

For the music-loving dad and little one there is this adorable Daddy and Me Cassette and iPod Shirt Set ($30), though I wouldn’t be surprised if babies currently wearing onesies actually grow up with a completely different type of music player! This set is from Little Treetops.

Pint & Half Pint Tee Set

Finally, I adore this Pint & Half Pint Tee Set ($40 at Amazon), which is perfect for the beer-loving dad (and milk-loving baby)!


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