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Too Cute: Biscotti and Kate Mack

Something happened when my daughter was born. I’m not a girly girl, nor do I particularly care for accessories, dressing up, etc. However, once she was born, it’s like my inner girl came out. I dress her head to toe in outfits that are to die for. I put her in so much pink and glitter that I simply squeal in delight! The dresses! The tutus! It’s love. That leads me to my newest obsession, Biscotti and Kate Mack. For those of you with little fashionistas, this post is for you!

This Wild Style dress is my favorite. I love the animal print and the tutu! Think I can also get it in my size?!

Biscotti and Kate MackAdorable.

This Material Girl dress screams diva. I love everything about it.

Biscotti and Kate Mack

The plaid! Love!

And, to top off every look, every little lady needs a stylist coat! Swoon!

Biscotti and Kate MackAvailable in a range of sizes, from littles to big girls! Just not in mommy’s size. Sad face.

If you’re loving Biscotti and Kate Mack as much as I am, then be sure to sign up for their email list. New customers will receive 10% off their first order, just for signing up! I can’t wait to shop!

Have you heard of Biscotti and Kate Mack? Aren’t they too cute?!


*I was provided an outfit for my review, but all opinions are my own.

Steal of the Day: T-Shirts Under $10 And Free Shipping!

I love t-shirts. More than I care to admit, actually. I’m wearing one today, to work, under my cardigan. Don’t tell. Anyway, a t-shirt under $10 is often hard to find, and add free shipping to the mix and you have yourself one heck of a steal! The hardest decision will be which one to choose!

One for you.

T-shirtsAnd one for her!

T-shirtsIs there anything cuter?! I totally just bought me and my daughter a pair. Heck, it won’t be long before she won’t let mommy match her or wear things similar. I have to get it all in now before she grows up!.

Both shirts total $14.95! Considering the price of the mom one is normally more than that, this is a great deal for both! The bad news is the mom shirt is only available in XXL. I plan on getting one and wearing it tied. I have to. I tell my daughter every night that she’s my best friend. She really is. I love that little girl.

You can see more shirts available, besides mommy and me, here!

Act fast because this deal is good only for today.

Click here to grab a t-shirt for under $10! Use the code TEESTEAL at checkout for your discount and free shipping!



Mommy and Me Event at Eleventh Avenue

I have a confession to make- I am a sucker for any and all things matching my daughter. Seriously. I attended an at home clothing party and bought matching leggings for us even though she can’t wear them until she’s 5. It’s that bad. 🙂 So you know I’m all about this mommy and me event at Eleventh Avenue!

First, something for mommy.

mommy and me eventIt’s like this shirt knows my life…..

I tell my daughter on a daily basis that she’s my bff. I mean it. I love that little gal.

mommy and me eventI mean seriously, how adorable is this matching mommy and me set?!

mommy and me eventSwoon.

These leggings are pretty sweet too because they can be pants now for the little one and then transition to capris as they get older. For $7.99, I’m stocking up!

I am in LOVE.

It’s ok to get one of everything, right??

Are you as obsessed with mommy and me stuff as I am? If so, act fast. This event ends tomorrow!

Spotted on Etsy: The Twisted Knot

Last Saturday I attended a Baby Wearing International meeting and met a great group of ladies and children. One little gal in particular caught my eye for a few reasons. One, she was being so good and was super adorable, but two, she had on the cutest bow I had ever seen! My daughter refuses to wear headbands and doesn’t have enough hair for bows yet, so I did get a little jealous. I asked the mom where she got the darling little bow and she said the Twisted Knot. I hadn’t even made it back to the car yet before I was on Etsy looking up the shop.

If you have a little girl, or know someone who is having one, I highly recommend checking out this shop. I may have favorited everything. Sorry, bank account! 😉

Since we are talking bows here, it’s only appropriate to spam you with them! 🙂

The Twisted Knot Etsy ShopMy Little Peony // Sunshine Yellow // Rose Gold iSparkle

I die.

The Twisted Knot makes more than just these precious headbands, which I almost wish I hadn’t found out. Think I can convince her to make my daughter’s whole wardrobe?! She’d probably be on the board, it’s the husband I have to convince.

The Twisted KnotOh my GOD.

Is there anything cuter than these high wasited ruffle shorts?! Squeal!


I can’t recommend the Twisted Knot enough!

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